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Mimosa Tenuiflora Art Dye Powder

Mimosa Tenuiflora Art Dye Powder

Introducing the Mimosa H. Purple Dye Powdered, a high-quality dye perfect for all your purple coloring needs! Made from the finest Mimosa Hostilis bark, this powder dye will give you a rich and vibrant purple hue on your fabrics, yarns, or any dyeable material. It is easy to use, simply mix the powder dye with hot water and let it soak into the material for a few hours before rinsing it off. With its all-natural content, you can ensure a safe and eco-friendly dyeing process. Get your hands on Mimosa H. Purple Dye Powdered now, and express yourself with a touch of lovely purple in your life!

    Return and Refund policy. All Orders are Refundable or Exchangeable. 

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